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CD:  Art Songs : Heart Songs  – Kerry-Anne Kutz (soprano) & Nicholas Fairbank (piano)

Price: CDN $15.98 + shipping

19 original art songs written over the past 25 years and beautifully sung by Montreal soprano Kerry-Anne Kutz.

Also available through the CMC website or iTunes.


CD:  Plan ChantEnsemble Tonus Peregrinus directed by Nicholas Fairbank.

Price: CDN $15.98 + shipping

Gregorian chant, medieval motets and sacred hymns by Hildegard von Bingen, Guillaume Dufay, and anonymous composers of the Middle Ages.  Also organ music based on plainchant by François Couperin and Maurice Duruflé, performed by Nicholas Fairbank.

Track Composer Title
1 Hildegard von Bingen: Caritas habundat in omnia
2 François Couperin Gloria (Messe pour les Paroisses)
3 Anonymous (13th c.) Munda Maria mater militie
4 Anonymous (10th-13th c.) Suscepit Deus – Magnificat (tone vii)
5 Anonymous (13th c.) Ave virgo virginum
6 Guillaume Dufay Ave maris stella
7 Hildegard von Bingen O viridissima virga
8 Anonymous (10th c.) Psalm 114 – (tonus peregrinus)
9 Anonymous (13th c.) O miranda Dei caritas – Salve mater
10 Anonymous (13th c.) Novi sideris lumen resplenduit
11 Anonymous (9th c.)
& Maurice Duruflé
Veni Creator Spiritus


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Fantasy for Carillon

(1998) Carillon solo (62 bells)  Written for the Netherlands Centennial Carillon in Victoria BC. ca. 4 mins.

CMC price $7.99

Chamber Music

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(2019) for flute sextet (flute choir) – piccolo, 3 C flutes, alto flute and bass flute. Duration ca. 3’30”

$20.00 score and parts
Combination II

(2005) for xylophone, vibraphone, marimba and celeste

CMC price $5.99
Flourish 1

(2018) for piano, violin and clarinet, ca. 3’00”

score and parts $10
Kinesis I

(2006) piano and marimba.  duration ca. 4’30”

Lignum vitae

(2007) organ and marimba.  duration ca. 4’30”

Quartet (2003)

violin, clarinet, cello & piano, in 4 movements, duration ca. 15’00”

Quintette pour piano et cordes

(2007)  string quartet & piano.  Commissioned by Daniele Letocha-Renault for the 80th birthday of Marc Renault, June 2008. 5 movements, duration ca. 25 mins.

CMC price $23.99

(2012) mezzo-soprano, flute and organ.  Text anonymous, Qubecois. Duration ca. 5 mins.

please enquire
String Quartet #1

(2005) subtitled “L’Hirondelle”.  In four movements, duration ca. 15’30”

CMC price 19.99
String Quartet #2

(2009) in one movement, duration ca. 7’30”

Choral Works

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A Blessing

SAB, organ.  Text from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

A Short History of the Pipe Organ

(2009) SATTBB a cappella. Commissioned by the Victoria Centre of the RCCO for Hexaphone, and first performed at the “Pipes Around the Pacific” Festival in July 2010.  ca. 7 mins.

Aboard the Billyruffian

(2021) SATB + piano. A Sea Shanty, words by Gordon Shrimpton, which tells the story of a Welsh sailor aboard the HMS Bellerophon during the Battle of Trafalgar. Commissioned by Via Choralis Chamber Choir, Victoria BC. Duration ca. 3’00”

PDF $2.00 (min. order 10 copies)
As We Travel

(2019) 4-part, keyboard. An easy round based on a text by Albert Camus. Duration ca.3’00”

PDF $1.50 (min. order 10 copies)

(2013) for women’s choir SA with divisi, without text.  Duration ca. 4’15”
This is the 5th movement of a larger work entitled Isbjørn!

pdf $1.50 (minimum order 10 copies)
Ave verum corpus

(1996) 2-part, keyboard (piano or organ)

Boar’s Head Carol

(2010) For mixed voices SAB with some divisi in lower voices. An intermediate level arrangement of the popular medieval English Christmas carol. Duration ca. 2’20”

PDF $1.50 (min. order 10 copies)
Carpe diem

(2017) for choir SATB a cappella.  Texts Virgil (70-19 B.C.E.), Horace (65-27 B.C.E.), Anon. (ca. 1287), King Henry VIII, Henry W. Longfellow. Duration ca. 4’00”

pdf $2.50 (minimum order 10 copies)
Come Unto Me

(2020) SATB and piano. Text from Matthew11:280-30. Commissioned by Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria BC. Duration ca. 3’00”

PDF $1.50 (min. order 10 copies)
Drinking Song

(2007) SATB and (2008) SATTBB a cappella.  Text by Hilaire Belloc.


Large Works

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Canción amazónica

(2016) for SATB, instruments (fl, cl, strings, percussion) & pre-recorded soundtrack. Duration ca. 19 mins.
Texts: German A.M. Lizarzaburu, Luiz M. Pinedo & traditional Shipibo chants.
1. Canción de bienvenido 4’30”
2. Las hormigas 3’00”
3. La garza 4’00”
4. Fiesta amazónica 2’30”
5. Canción de despedida 5’00”

please enquire
Concertino for organ and orchestra

(2015) A 12-minute work in 3 movements.  Orchestral scoring is 2222/2200/T-1/organ/strings.

please enquire

(2005) for orchestra 2222/423/T-1/strings.

Dona nobis pacem

Cantata for chorus (SATB), soprano solo and orchestra (2ob, bsn, 2tpt, 2hn, perc, pno, strings).  Texts various.  Duration ca. 20 mins. First performed June 2000.

Gare de Montréal

(2005) Vocal quintet (SATTB) and chamber ensemble.  Texts by Hélène Cazes.

please enquire

(2013, rev. 2017). Choirs SATB, SSAA + vocal quartet, piano & perc.
Texts by Robert Service, Marcus Lund.  Duration ca. 20 mins.
1. Let Us Probe the Silent Places 2’30”
2. Let Us Embark 3’30”
3. Isbjørn 4’00”
4. Ice Colours 2’45”
5. Aurora 4’45”

full score $11.00, or $2.75 each mvt.
Orion Vespers

(2017) for choir SATB + instrumental ensemble (fl, cl, hn, vn, va, vc, cb, pno).
Also available for chorus with piano only. Latin text by Frances Dearman. Seven movements, duration ca. 25 mins.
1. Phos hilaron
2. Preces pro vigilantibus
3. Ambulatio
4. Miserere
5. Magnificat
6. Nunc dimittis
7. Lullaby

contact for details
Pacific Overture

(2006) for orchestra 2222/4231/T-1/harp/strings.  Duration ca. 5’00”

Also available for concert band.

Sea Cantata

(2010) for children’s choir (SA), mixed choir (SATB) and orchestra 2222/22/1/piano/strings

duration ca. 25 mins.

Please enquire
Suite for String Orchestra

(2001) in 6 movements: Prelude, First Gavotte, Fuguetta, Second Gavotte, Pavane, Hornpipe.

duration ca. 20 mins.

CMC price $17.99


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Festival Fanfare

Organ solo.  Written for the British Annual Festival of New Organ Music in 2009.  Listen to the fine performance by Martin Stacey.


(1998) Level intermediate to advanced.  Duration ca. 5 mins.


(2006) in RCM syllabus, ARCT level.

Poem (revised)

An extended version (2011) of the piece originally printed as the 2nd of Three Short Pieces for organ.

St. Paul Fanfare

Trumpet & organ

Three Short Pieces

1) Trio   (in RCM syllabus, gr.7)
2) Poem*
3) Jig    (in RCM syllabus, gr.9)

* sound sample

Toccata Gioiosa

(2015) Advanced level.  A joyful concert piece or a postlude for any occasion. Duration ca. 4’30”

Variations on “Kingsfold”

(2001) Nine variations on the hymn tune “Kingsfold,” often sung to the words by Jessie Adams “I feel the winds of God today / Today my sail I lift…”  Advanced level.



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A Pentad for Piano

(2003) Beginner level – contains Easy Syncopations, Pentatonic Lullaby*, Basso Ostinato, Tricky Triplets & Rollicking Rumba.

* in the 2007 RCM Piano Syllabus (Grade 1), as well as the new 2015 Syllabus (Level 1).

Canción de verano

(2015) Piano solo, Intermediate level. Duration ca. 2 mins.

Gulf Island Sketches

(2006) Intermediate level – contains Portland Island Picnic, Saturna Island Sunrise & Sidney Island Swing*

* featured sound clip

On-Track Boogie

(2005) – Intermediate level.

– also in Making Tracks, Vol. 2, published by CNCM

Pacific Rag

(2015) A ragtime style piano duet, intermediate level. In the collection Northern Lights: Early Intermediate Duets published by CNCM.

$17.95 (volume of 10 duets)
Renegade Rag

(2010) moderate to advanced difficulty.

CMC price $4.99
Saanichton Saunter

(2023) Inspired by the piano works of Scott Joplin and the old-time sequence dance known as the Saunter. Level 9 difficulty. Duration ca. 3’30”

Published in CNCM’s Northern Lights level 9 Repertoire collection.

CNCM price TBA
Seven Easy Pieces

(2006) Beginner level – contains Bedtime Story, Faeries and Goblins, Triad Try-out, Sad Song*, Whole Tone Tune, Bluebird Waltz & Blackfly Blues.

* also in Northern Lights, level 1, published by CNCM


(2002) advanced level, in four movements, duration ca. 13 mins.

Suite No.2 in C minor

(2002) for harpsichord or piano



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Animal Songs

(1999) High, Medium or Low voice.  Texts various.
1 The Tyger, 2 The Yak*, 3 O Brother Chicken!
* sound clip

Drinking Songs

(2004) Medium voice.  Texts various.
1 A Drinking Song; 2 Good Wine; 3 Why I Drink; 4 Terence, this is Stupid Stuff.

I Bless Thee, Lord

(1998) Unison song, words by George Herbert from The Temple. Duration ca. 2’30”

Indian Summer

(2009) unison & (2010) 2-part with piano. Text by Wilfred Campbell. Ca. 1’30”

$3.00 - pdf download only
O Captain! My Captain!

(2000) Low voice & piano.  Text by Walt Whitman.

Six Chansons

(1994) High or Medium voice.  Texts by Pierre Albert-Birot.
1 L’Allée en tournant, 2 Mon nez dit tout bas, 3 Chers pieds, 4 J’ai souvent un petit désir, 5 Rêve d’amour, 6 Valse
Total duration ca. 8 mins.

Six Songs

(2001) texts by Sara Teasdale. Barter**, Winter Bluejay**, Lovely Chance, At Sea, Winter Dusk, A Little While*. May be available for low, medium or high voice – please enquire.
 ** also sold separately

Song of Ruth: “Do not press me”

(1999) for soprano and organ.  Texts from Book of Ruth (Old Testament).  Duration ca. 9 mins.

Songs for my Students

(2001) High or Low voice.  Texts various. 1 Ozymandias, 2 Song of the Sailor, 3 Lovely Chance*, 4 Make a Joyful Noise.  [* sound clip]

The Shark

(2006) Text E.J. Pratt.  ca. 3 mins.