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Animal Songs

(1999) High, Medium or Low voice.  Texts various.
1 The Tyger, 2 The Yak*, 3 O Brother Chicken!
* sound clip

Drinking Songs

(2004) Medium voice.  Texts various.
1 A Drinking Song; 2 Good Wine; 3 Why I Drink; 4 Terence, this is Stupid Stuff.

I Bless Thee, Lord

(1998) Unison song, words by George Herbert from The Temple. Duration ca. 2’30”

Indian Summer

(2009) unison & (2010) 2-part with piano. Text by Wilfred Campbell. Ca. 1’30”

$3.00 - pdf download only

(2023) for voice, cello and hand drum. Text by Zsuzsanna Ardó. Duration ca. 6’00”

please inquire
O Captain! My Captain!

(2000) Low voice & piano.  Text by Walt Whitman.

Six Chansons

(1994) High or Medium voice.  Texts by Pierre Albert-Birot.
1 L’Allée en tournant, 2 Mon nez dit tout bas, 3 Chers pieds, 4 J’ai souvent un petit désir, 5 Rêve d’amour, 6 Valse
Total duration ca. 8 mins.

Six Songs

(2001) texts by Sara Teasdale. Barter**, Winter Bluejay**, Lovely Chance, At Sea, Winter Dusk, A Little While*. May be available for low, medium or high voice – please enquire.
 ** also sold separately

Song of Ruth: “Do not press me”

(1999) for soprano and organ.  Texts from Book of Ruth (Old Testament).  Duration ca. 9 mins.

Songs for my Students

(2001) High or Low voice.  Texts various. 1 Ozymandias, 2 Song of the Sailor, 3 Lovely Chance*, 4 Make a Joyful Noise.  [* sound clip]

The Shark

(2006) Text E.J. Pratt.  ca. 3 mins.

The Yak

Unison, keyboard.  Text by Hilaire Belloc.