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A Pentad for Piano

(2003) Beginner level – contains Easy Syncopations, Pentatonic Lullaby*, Basso Ostinato, Tricky Triplets & Rollicking Rumba.

* in the 2007 RCM Piano Syllabus (Grade 1), as well as the new 2015 Syllabus (Level 1).

Canción de verano

(2015) Piano solo, Intermediate level. Duration ca. 2 mins.

Gulf Island Sketches

(2006) Intermediate level – contains Portland Island Picnic, Saturna Island Sunrise & Sidney Island Swing*

* featured sound clip

On-Track Boogie

(2005) – Intermediate level.

– also in Making Tracks, Vol. 2, published by CNCM

Pacific Rag

(2015) A ragtime style piano duet, intermediate level. In the collection Northern Lights: Early Intermediate Duets published by CNCM.

$17.95 (volume of 10 duets)
Renegade Rag

(2010) moderate to advanced difficulty.

CMC price $4.99
Saanichton Saunter

(2023) Inspired by the piano works of Scott Joplin and the old-time sequence dance known as the Saunter. Level 9 difficulty. Duration ca. 3’30”

Published in CNCM’s Northern Lights level 9 Repertoire collection.

CNCM price TBA
Seven Easy Pieces

(2006) Beginner level – contains Bedtime Story, Faeries and Goblins, Triad Try-out, Sad Song*, Whole Tone Tune, Bluebird Waltz & Blackfly Blues.

* also in Northern Lights, level 1, published by CNCM


(2002) advanced level, in four movements, duration ca. 13 mins.

Suite No.2 in C minor

(2002) for harpsichord or piano

Ten Pieces for Piano

(2013) This volume contains ten pieces ranging in difficulty from intermediate to advanced level. Chant du Matin, Calm after a Pacific Storm, Jazz Study #1, Country Fair in Courtenay, Spider Dance, Perpetuum Mobile, Prelude, Variations on B.A.C.H.*, Winifred’s Waltz*, Renegade Rag*.
* also sold separately

Ten Preludes

(2000) Intermediate to Advanced level, in various styles.  Sound clip is of Prelude No.3


(2000) Advanced level.  Duration ca. 4’30”

Vancouver Island Suite

(1997) Intermediate level – contains Goldstream Gavotte, Youbou Yard Sale*, Intermezzo, Ladysmith Lullaby & Shawnigan Shindig.

* featured soundclip

Variations on B.A.C.H.

(2007) Advanced level.  Duration ca. 7 mins.

CMC price $4.99
Winifred’s Waltz

(2009) Advanced level.  Commissioned by the Victoria Branch of the BC Registered Music Teachers Association, for Winifred Scott Wood.

CMC price $4.99