With 40 years of experience in classroom and one-on-one teaching, including 12 years as a national Examiner for the RCM, I have a solid background in pedagogy and a history of success; some of my students have gone on to music schools and universities across North America, while others have developed a life-long love of music while pursuing other careers. This fall (2021) I will be accepting only a few new advanced theory students (Harmony, Counterpoint, Analysis and Composition).

My approach to teaching is to train well-rounded musicians. In my studio I incorporate written music theory, aural skills and music history into the lesson plan. While using the Royal Conservatory syllabuses as a guide I prefer to adapt the programme to each student’s needs and musical goals.

Daily practice and weekly written work is required in order for steady progress to be made. Attending live music concerts is always encouraged, and through the B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association, of which I am a member, there are opportunities to perform in formal and informal recitals.

I teach the following subjects at all levels up to diploma (ARCT, ARCCO, FRCCO, etc.):

       Practical: classical piano, pipe organ, harpsichord, voice.
       Theoretical: rudiments, harmony, history, counterpoint, analysis, composition.

If you think I might be the right teacher for you or your child, please contact me.