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Festival Fanfare

Organ solo.  Written for the British Annual Festival of New Organ Music in 2009.  Listen to the fine performance by Martin Stacey.


(1998) Level intermediate to advanced.  Duration ca. 5 mins.


(2006) in RCM syllabus, ARCT level.

Poem (revised)

An extended version (2011) of the piece originally printed as the 2nd of Three Short Pieces for organ.

St. Paul Fanfare

Trumpet & organ

Three Short Pieces

1) Trio   (in RCM syllabus, gr.7)
2) Poem*
3) Jig    (in RCM syllabus, gr.9)

* sound sample

Toccata Gioiosa

(2015) Advanced level.  A joyful concert piece or a postlude for any occasion. Duration ca. 4’30”

Variations on “Kingsfold”

(2001) Nine variations on the hymn tune “Kingsfold,” often sung to the words by Jessie Adams “I feel the winds of God today / Today my sail I lift…”  Advanced level.