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A Blessing

SAB, organ.  Text from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.

A Short History of the Pipe Organ

(2009) SATTBB a cappella. Commissioned by the Victoria Centre of the RCCO for Hexaphone, and first performed at the “Pipes Around the Pacific” Festival in July 2010.  ca. 7 mins.


(2013) for women’s choir SA with divisi, without text.  Duration ca. 4’15”
This is the 5th movement of a larger work entitled Isbjørn!

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Ave verum corpus

(1996) 2-part, keyboard (piano or organ)

Drinking Song

(2007) SATB and (2008) SATTBB a cappella.  Text by Hilaire Belloc.

Fine Knacks for Ladies

(2006) SATTBB a cappella.  Written for Hexaphone, text anonymous ca. 1600.  Duration ca. 3 mins.

Four French Carols

(2017) SATB with orchestra (2fl, ob, bsn, tpt, perc & strings).  A medley of four traditional French Christmas carols (Il est né, Quittez pasteurs, Noël nouvelet, Les anges dans nos campagnes).  Duration ca. 7’30”.  Difficulty level: moderate.

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Four Limericks

SATTBarB a cappella  and  SATB with piano.

(a) There Once Was a Man with a Beard, (b) There Once Was a Lady of Ealing, (c) There Once Was a Man of Antigua, (d) There Once Was a Lady of Ryde.

Four More Limericks

(2010) SATTBB a cappella.  Following on from the success of the first set of Limericks, here are four more, written for Hexaphone.

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From Heav’nly Harmony

(2008) SATTBB a capella.  Text by John Dryden from “A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day.”  Ca. 3’45”

Glory to the King

(1998) SAB, keyboard (Christmas)

Hanacpachap Fantasy

(2015) SATB and strings (or piano).  Duration ca. 3’00”
Based on a 17th C. Quechua chant from Cusco, Peru.

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Heaven Haven

(2015) SATB a cappella.  A setting of the poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.  Duration ca. 2 mins.

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Hold on to What Is Good

(2016) SATB a cappella, text Nancy Wood.  Duration ca. 1’30”

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How Ya Gonna Keep’em down on the Farm?

(2009) SATTBB a capella.  An arrangement for Hexaphone of the original 1919 song by Young, Lewis & Donaldson. Ca. 4 mins.

I Bless Thee, Lord

(1998) Unison song, words by George Herbert from The Temple. Duration ca. 2’30”

I’s the B’y

(2005) SATTBB a capella.  An arrangement for Hexaphone of the traditional Newfoundland folksong. Duration ca. 2’15”

If the Wind is West

(2005) SATTBB.  Text by Stephen Scobie.

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If ye love me

SATB, organ.  Text from John 4.15-18.

Indian Summer

(2009) unison & (2010) 2-part with piano. Text by Wilfred Campbell. Ca. 1’30”

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Iroquois Song

(2006) SATB, SSAA quartet & piano.  Text traditional, trans. Anna B. Jameson. Duration ca. 3’30”

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(2013). Choirs SATB, SSAA & SA children’s choir, solo quintet, piano & percussion (one player).
Also available (2017) reduced for SATB, SSAA + soloist quartet, piano & perc.
Texts by Robert Service, Marcus Lund.  Duration ca. 20 mins.
1. Let Us Probe the Silent Places 2’30”
2. Let Us Embark 3’30”
3. Isbjørn 4’00”
4. Ice Colours 2’45”
5. Aurora 4’45” *
* available separately (SA with divisi)

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La garza (The Heron)

(2015) SATB with piano (also available with string quartet).  This is the 3rd movement from a larger work Canción amazónica. Text in Spanish, translated from Shipibo. Duration 4’00”

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Let Evening Come

(2011) SAB + piano.  Text: Jane Kenyon from Collected Poems © 2005.

Let there be light

(1996) SAB, keyboard (Advent)

Let us now praise famous men

SATB, keyboard

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

(1999) SATB with organ and brass quintet

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Matin Responsory

(2013) SATB with divisi a cappella.  An alternative to Palestrina’s traditional setting often sung in Advent.

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Music, I Yield to Thee

(2013) 2-part with piano.  Text: Henry van Dyke.

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O Sing Merrily

(2007) An intermediate level SAB setting of text from Psalm 81.  Duration ca. 2 mins.

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Out Beyond

(2015) SATB a cappella.  Text Rumi (1207-1273).  Duration ca. 2’00”

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Prayer for Peace

SAB, keyboard.  Text from the Anglican Book of Prayer.

Psalm 126

(2009) SAB & piano.  This gospel style setting of the psalm is aimed at an intermediate level choir.

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Psalm 150

(2009) SATB and organ.  This is an advanced level setting of the psalm, commissioned by the Victoria Centre of the RCCO for the 2009 centennial.


(2006) SATTBB + pre-recorded track.  Text by Hélène Cazes (2005).  Written for Hexaphone and first performed at Crystal Pool, Victoria BC. Ca. 4 mins.

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Seulete Suy

(2012) SSAA with harmonium, viele or hurdy-gurdy (synfonie). Revised 2016 for choir SSAA a cappella. Text of Christine de Pisan from Le Livre de la Cité des Dames (1405).

Silver Penny

SATB and piano. Text by Walter de la Mare. Published by Cypress Choral Music.

Sonnet (Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day)

(2011) SATB with piano.  Text: William Shakespeare.  Duration ca. 3’45”

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The Dredger

(2016) SAB + piano. Also (2009) SATTBB a capella. Text: Charles T. Seymour (1867). This comic west coast song describes an event in the history of Victoria’s harbour. Originally written for Hexaphone. Duration ca. 3 mins.

The Microbe

2-part, piano

The Old Fool

(2009) SATTBB a cappella. An arrangement for Hexaphone of the traditional song.  Ca. 5 mins.

The Squid-Jigging Ground

(2005) an SATTBB a cappella arrangement for Hexaphone of the original Newfoundland song by Arthur Scammell & Larry O’Gaff. Duration ca. 3 mins.

The Yak

Unison, keyboard.  Text by Hilaire Belloc.

Un Canadien errant

(2005) SATTBB a capella.  An arrangement for Hexaphone of the traditional song with text by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie. Ca. 5’30”

Unto him who loved us

(2001) SATB a cappella, text: Rev 1:5-6

Vesperae pro Serveto

(2017) for choir SATB + instrumental ensemble (fl, cl, hn, vn, va, vc, cb, pno).
Also available for chorus with piano only. Latin text by Frances Dearman. Seven movements, duration ca. 25 mins.
1. Phos hilaron
2. Preces pro vigilantibus
3. Ambulatio
4. Miserere
5. Magnificat
6. Nunc dimittis
7. Lullaby

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